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Residential Parking Decals


  • Effective November 1, 2020, people may park for free in City-owned parking lots.
  • All parking decals issued for 2020 and previous years are now expired.
  • The paid parking season begins again on March 1, 2021.
  • Registration for 2021 parking decals for residents and non-resident property owners will begin mid-January 2021.
  • Decals will no longer be issued out of City Hall but from a nearby location which will soon be identified. The City will announce the new location through City press releases, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts. City press releases can also be found at us. Registrations will be accepted online and in person.
  • 200 parking decals will be available for purchase by Horry County residents for $200.00 each for the 2021 parking season. The sale of these decals will begin in February 2021.

North Myrtle Beach residents whose vehicle (i.e., golf cart, LSV, motorcycle, automobile or pickup truck must completely fit into a standard parking space) is registered to their North Myrtle Beach address may apply for up to tow (2) complimentary parking decals per property address. Golf carts must be registered with the SCDMV at the resident’s North Myrtle Beach address. Each household may also purchase one additional parking decal for $200 annually.

North Myrtle Beach nonresident property owners may apply for one (1) complimentary parking decal for their personal vehicle. Automobiles do not have to be registered to the North Myrtle Beach property address but must be registered in the property owner’s name. Proof of residential property ownership is required. Each household may also purchase one additional parking decal for $200 annually.

North Myrtle Beach residents who own residential property and have a personal vehicle provided by and /or registered to their employer or to their business are eligible to apply for up to two (2) parking decals per property address for $50 per decal.

Horry County residents who do not own property in North Myrtle Beach may purchase one decal for their personal vehicle for $200 annually. A maximum of two hundred (200) parking decals are available and issued on a first come, first served basis.

A driver’s license and current vehicle registration is required for the application of parking decals.

  • Please email parknmb@reefparking.com or visit com for more information about City-owned paid parking and the parking decal program.

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